Just $10k! Are you kidding me? With how cheap taxes are here in Cheyenne, this is a gold mine if you want to have a rehab project. Now, I know this lacks the aesthetics a lot of people may look for, but, for only ten thousand dollars, you could make it the way you want, free-range.

This home is set on the far northwestern part of the city, so it's a nice location, making it near-ish Dell Range Blvd. That's key since there's a Lowes and Menards on that side of town. You can utilize the close local to spruce of the place.

Again, this home is only ten thousand dollars, so I wouldn't be expecting a master king and a sports bar inside, but you could make that happen yourself. With it being a little rough around the edges, you'll have to do a nice amount of work to really make it liveable. Though, it does look like you could move in, I'm not seeing any hanging wires. The house is listed as "As Is", so don't expect the owner to pay for anything, especially the closing costs. They just dropped the price on this home $10k, so it's 50 percent off.

Are you ready, let's take a walk through this ten thousand dollar home and see what potential lies here? You might just be surprised. Or not, it is a ten thousand dollar home, after all.

Check Out This Cheyenne Home You Can Get For $10k!

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Neighborhood Scout scoured the information on the Chey-town neighborhoods that make up the 32.37 square miles of the city to find where the most expensive places are to live. We're talking about real estate here, not the price of milk or anything. That kind of stuff is pretty uniform across the city.

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