If you've ever left food unattended before on your kitchen table and you have pets, like dogs or cats (and although not pets, thieving children), you've more than likely been the victim of stolen food. While it can be funny, depending on your level of hunger, it can also be annoying.

A new video was recently posted to YouTube by viral video sharing channel, ViralHog, which shows a unique camping food theft.

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Without a doubt, other than the look the look on the animal's face as he ate the hot dog, the funniest part is the commentary. In the short five second video, you hear a woman ask:

What type of deer eats hot dogs?

Apparently the correct answer is a hungry one.

The video was originally captured by Alex Borchert in Monarch, Montana, back on Thursday, July 22nd, 2021 during a camping trip. Along with the hilarious encounter, Alex captioned the video:

Deer steals my dinner while camping! Hotdog thefts on the loose! Camping in Montana!

I had to do a little bit of additional research, because the lady's question did seem moot. Deer are herbivores, but there have been rare cases where they have eaten fish, dead rabbits, live birds and very occasionally, human flesh.

In most cases, this isn't healthy for the deer, because they lack the enzymes to process the proteins, which can cause digestive problems. For example, it would be similar to feeding humans or dogs grass. Eating meat will most likely cause the deer to throw up.

Luckily for this deer, it was only a single hot dog.

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