The Met Gala is typically a star studded event with some of the biggest celebrities in the world in attendance. The event itself is a fundraiser benefitting the Metropolitan Museum of Arts Costume Institute. It's typically a big deal to see what any given celebrity may be wearing as they arrive to the event on the red carpet. One celebrity happened to have a shirt that seemed like it might as well be an endorsement for a gas station franchise in Cheyenne.

Stephen Glover, also known as 'Steve-O' from the show and film franchise 'Jackass' made an appearance at the Met Gala is his own dressed down t-shirt and jeans casual attire. However, Steve-O happened to have a business that southeast Wyoming is quite familiar with on the front of his shirt. Check it out here!

It seems that Steve-O is a big fan of the Kum & Go franchise of gas stations. As is typical for Kum & Go, they made good use of this tweet, saying, "why is no one talking about this met gala fit". They are right to be curious. Everyone talks about the fashion for the Met Gala, yet, this one may have gone unnoticed. How dare they? Don't they realize that Steve-O's famed 'Jackass' franchise is getting its own series on Paramount Plus?

Of course, let's also hand it to Kum & Go for catching this. Their Twitter game continues to be on point, just as it was a couple weeks ago when they noticed the surplus of lighters being purchased on 4/20. And if you don't follow them, you should at @kumandgo, you'll enjoy it

Regardless, it's one more day that a popular gas station franchise in Cheyenne gets some notoriety. Steve-O knows how popular they are. That's a pretty a baller move!

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