There was a lot of takeout food eaten in 2020. In fact, a list of the most popular takeout and/or delivery foods in the world was recently released. Yet, those particular foods aren't even applicable when it comes to the top takeout spot in Wyoming, which also happens to reside in Cheyenne.

As for the top takeout and delivery foods in the world, there were a total of 44 countries throughout the world that said pizza was their favorite for takeout or delivery, which isn't surprising. But in America, the country selected Chinese food as their favorite takeout or delivery dish. But in Wyoming, we had a different source for takeout chosen. That spot would be 2 Doors Down in Cheyenne.

This is certainly one that can't really be debate. My first week that I had every been to 2 Doors Down, I went there for lunch and remember thinking to myself how I had just eaten one of the best burgers in my lifetime. They have arguably one of, if not the best, burger in southeast Wyoming, and who knows, maybe the state. It seems that Trip Advisor thinks so since they were the ones that made the determination in saying they had the best takeout in the state.

Not only do they have great burgers, but those burgers come with bottomless fries and their shakes are amazing. Certainly there's other menu options, but let's be honest, you're likely craving their burgers when you order up some 2 Doors Down. You can check out their full menu here. 2 Doors Down is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday and they're located at 118 E. 17th Street in Cheyenne.

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