The Rocky Mountain Giant Vegetable Growers competition took place in Colorado recently. And Harold 'France' Stinchcomb of Cheyenne had some impressive pumpkins he was ready to compete with.

Stinchcomb's previous largest pumpkins was grown last year and weighed in at 750 pounds. This year, he more than doubled the size of that with his Wyoming state record pumpkin. His largest pumpkin weighed in at 1,544 pounds. He also had a second pumpkin weighing at 1,495 pounds. Both pumpkins broke the previous Wyoming record that had been set by Andy Corbin, also from Cheyenne. Corbin's previous record was 1,491 pounds.

Wyoming's Record Breaking Biggest Pumpkin

Despite capturing the Wyoming state record for biggest pumpkin, Stinchcomb placed 2nd overall at the Rocky Mountain Giant Vegetable Growers competition as Chad New had the biggest pumpkin, which weighed in at 1,676 pounds.

Based on what Stinchcomb told the Cowboy State Daily, it sounds like he was definitely pleased with the results:

It feels awesome to break the record...I’ve been growing pumpkins for about 18 years, but they didn’t start getting big until the last six or seven years...I just do it this for fun...I carve them afterwards. My grandkids love it.

Stinchcomb has previously carved his giant pumpkins to look like Mater from the 'Cars' movie franchise, Leonardo from 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles', and Stewie from 'Family Guy'. This year's record breaking pumpkin will soon be carved into Murray from Hotel Transylvania.

It's possible that Corbin could retake his Wyoming state record this year as he has another pumpkin to harvest for this season, but right now, Stinchcomb has the Wyoming state record for largest pumpkin. It's always nice knowing your Halloween decorations are going to be bigger than anyone else's.

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