Cheyenne Mayor Patrick Collins says that while he has concerns about a bill in that would allow a Las Vegas style casino in Laramie County, he's still looking into the issue.

House Bill 287 would  allow for the construction of a Las Vegas-style casino in both Laramie and Uinta counties, mostly in hopes of attracting people from out of state to gamble.

You can read House Bill 287 here. Revenue raised by the taxing the casinos would mostly go to  K-12 schools in Wyoming.

in his "Mayor's Minute" column for Feb. 3, Collins expresses concerns about a the legislation:

 It would allow a Vegas style, class 3 casino in Laramie County and Uinta County.  The thought is the locations would bring folks from the front range of Colorado and Salt Lake City area to spend money.  The projections are 85 percent of the revenues would come from outside Wyoming.  I spent a couple hours listening to the testimony and I appreciate what the legislation is trying to do.  The problem is we don’t know what the social consequences might be, and I am afraid it could actually hurt Cheyenne finances by hurting our existing Historic Horse Racing businesses.  I don’t know if this bill will survive this legislative session, but if it doesn’t, we will see it again in the future.  Time for me to study the benefits and consequences of Vegas style gambling.

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