In an effort to address concerns from citizens about drivers making excessive noise and racing up and down Warren and Central after Cheyenne Cruise Nights, police have stepped up enforcement on "the strip."

"Mainly after the cruising thing is done, we have people that are racing up and down the streets and revving their engines and blowing their horns," said Officer David Inman. "It's just disrupting a lot of the residents."

In a "Cruise the Legend" public service announcement posted on the Cheyenne Police Department's Facebook page Friday, Chief Brian Kozak encourages those cruising in Cheyenne to "be like Jim" not "like Dick," who gets cited for exhibition of speed.

"Overuse of the horn, exhibition of speed ... we are writing people tickets for those offenses," said Inman. "We kind of put that video together (to) let people know don't act that way basically."


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