Cheyenne police say they're waiting on official word from the Natrona County District Attorney's Office before issuing a statement on news that former Cheyenne bishop Joseph Hart won't face sexual abuse charges.

"There's rumors going around that charges were dropped and all of that, but we can't confirm any of that until the DA in Natrona County (Dan Itzen) gives us their declamation letter because we turned it it over to them because it was a conflict of interest," Officer David Inman said Friday.

The department announced in August 2018 that it had reopened a 2002 case against Hart because of "new evidence that was brought to light" through the Diocese of Cheyenne's independent investigation alleging Hart had abused three boys in Wyoming.

Police asked additional victims or witnesses to come forward, and in September 2019, the diocese reported three more abuse allegations against Hart.

On Tuesday, an alleged victim in the case reportedly told the Casper Star-Tribune that Itzen's office had told him that there was "insufficient evidence" to support charging Hart.

Itzen did not respond to a phone call from KGAB Radio seeking comment.


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