Like any city, there are parts of Cheyenne, Wyoming that are beautiful and interesting.

Like any other city, there are parts that you would rather not see.

The YouTube channel Joe & Nic's Road Trip took a drive to see Cheyenne with mixed impressions.

They had nothing bad to say, but they did point out where they found something worth bragging about and things that disappointed them.

They entered Wyoming's capital city off of Interstate 80 on North Greely highway. That took them over the railroad tracks and right into downtown.

From there they wandered around looking at places that had been fixed up and were open for business to places that were boarded, closed, and in need of repair.

Watch their video tour below. They loved Cheyenn's alleyway murals.

If you've never visited downtown Cheyenne make sure you walk up and down the alleyways to view some amazing artwork.

Touring the homes of Wyoming can be a lot of fun.

Make sure to drive up to what is called The Avenues.

Just go past the Capital up on Warren Avenue and start weaving in and out of neighborhoods in that area. There are some beautiful homes to look at.

Our hosts kept going north and noticed that "When you hit the end of the city, that's it." That's very true about Cheyenne. In every direction, the town just ends abruptly.

As he continues to drive around town he gets into the trailer parks and industrial areas.

Below is a second video walking tour of Cheyenne from someone who has never been.

That's not so nice and he's just honest about it.

At 24 minutes into the video, he visits the state capital. That part of the video is definitely worth watching.

Self-guided tours of the capital are allowed.

They even make a point to visit the Wyoming State Museum, also with it if you have never been.

They had lunch at Sanford's downtown where the food is great and there is far too much to look at on the ceiling and walls

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