There isn't a place in the world that isn't dealing with hunger, poverty, and homelessness. And the cold winter months are definitely the worst time of the year for any of those, which makes it a pretty awesome thing that Wyoming was previously named as one of the most charitable states in the U.S. in 2021. But not only that, because of those charitable efforts, the state's capital city is ranked among the least neediest cities in the country.

While it's nice that Cheyenne ranked at a decent spot on the list of over 180 of the biggest cities throughout the country, it's unfortunate for several others that don't have such charitable resources as Wyoming or the city of Cheyenne.

For instance, the city that topped the list of neediest cities is Detroit, MI, which also had the highest child poverty rate and finished with the second highest adult poverty rate. They also had the worst economic well-being overall. Fresno, CA, which finished as the fourth overall neediest city, was tied for having the highest homelessness rate.

In order to determine the rankings of these cities, such factors were taken into consideration besides just poverty and homelessness ranking. Things such as food insecurity, uninsured rates, and the entire scope of economic disadvantage.

As for Cheyenne, out of the 182 cities, we finished as the 152nd neediest city. That's a pretty solid ranking given thriving cities like Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Dallas, among others, finished with a much worse standing than us on the list. While that's nothing to gloat about since that means those cities are going through struggles, part of our better ranking than most, is a credit to our community for helping out those less fortunate.

Our economic well being was the 167th worst on the list, which also means it was the 26th best, conversely. For health and safety, it was 81st overall, which may need some work, but at least it's still in the top half. Casper also finished right with Cheyenne as the 153rd least neediest city, which means the state of Wyoming is obviously doing something right. To see the full list, check out the map below of the neediest cities in the U.S.

Source: WalletHub

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