In fact, they're pretty close to leading the nation.

Wow, 2020 has been tough on us. While many of us have been blessed to continue our work from home, there are plenty of others who were not as fortunate. There have been a lot of people left without a job this year.

But things are looking up.

WalleHub is reporting that the national unemployment rate is down to 11.1 percent. At the peak of the pandemic we had reached 14.7 percent, so things are definitely headed in the right direction. It's not the tiny five percent that we were at before the pandemic, but we'll get back there.

That same report from WalletHub also featured a list of the cities who are bouncing back the best right now. To determine that, they first looked at the cities that were hit the hardest job-wise by the pandemic. They collected data on the change in each city's unemployment rate during June 2020 and compared it to June 2019 and even January 2020. The average of those two numbers determined rankings, in addition to overall unemployment rates.

Cheyenne is sitting pretty at number five on the list.

Yes, number five. Based on our change in unemployment numbers now, compared to numbers from last year at this time and even the beginning of the year, they are recovering nicely. Especially when you consider that WalletHub looked at 180 cities. Casper also did fairly well. WalletHub has them ranked at number 80 on the list.

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