No one took it seriously - but many are interested in watching Kanye West as he attempts to run for president. He's still trying to get on the ballot in even just a few states. 

But now Kanye has another contender to worry about. Do you remember a child star named Brock Pierce? Neither do I. He was a child actor who starred in a couple of the Mighty Ducks movies. That would explain it for me at least. I never saw any of those movies. He was also on a television series called First Kid.

While few remember him from the movies or TV, even fewer know him for his shocking success in investing his Hollywood cash into cryptocurrencies. That is where he made his billions.

He actually announced that he was running for president on the 4th of July. So why didn't anyone know about this?  We could blame Kanye West. You see, Kanye is actually famous. It was Kanye who overshadowed Brock's announcement by announcing the same day.

But here is where the difference comes in: Kanye West, as a political candidate, is having a hard time even getting on the ballot in most states. Pierce is on the ballot in at least 15 states and he may make it onto as many as five more before all the deadlines expire.

Okay, that's still not going to get either of these two guys into office. So then you'll have to ask, is this for real?

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