The Children’s Advocacy Project is hosting two events on June 4th and 5th, after having to cancel last year due to COVID-19.

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The first event, CAP, Cabernet, and Calcutta event is on Friday, June 4 and will feature a silent auction, a live auction, entertainment, a happy hour, hors d’ oeuvres, and a Calcutta to bid on favorite shooting teams for the next day’s event.

The second event, Shoot Trap for CAP, is the following day on Saturday June 5 and will feature five person shooting team competing in three different leagues, a rec league, a youth and law enforcement league, and a heavy hitters league.

Casidy Mittelstadt, marketing coordinator for CAP, said the rec and heavy hitter league get cash prizes based on donations given at the event the night before, while the youth and law enforcement league prizes are based on general donations.

Mittelstadt said the event on Friday can get between 150 to 250 people, and their fundraising goal for this year is $45,000, which is lowered from $60,000 in 2019 because of COVID-19.

The Children’s Advocacy Project was founded in 2002 to help alleged victims of child abuse, to break the cycle of abuse, and to foster a better community response to child mistreatment throughout Wyoming.

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