We get it. Halloween hasn't even happened yet and Christmas doesn't even technically start until the day after Thanksgiving (in this house, anyway). Still, preparation is key when it comes to turning Downtown Casper into a Winter Wonderland this holiday season and, arguably, the biggest component of that is the downtown Christmas Parade.

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This year is the first year that the Casper Chamber of Commerce are in charge of the Christmas Parade. They have been given the reigns from the Downtown Casper Business Association and they are going all out with Christmas spirit this year.

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After taking suggestions from the public, and bringing them before City Council, the Chamber of Commerce has announced that this year's parade theme is 'Christmas at the Movies.'

So bust out your Red Ryder BB Gun, invite the whole family over for a Christmas vacation, and make sure that on November 27, you're not staying home alone because this year's Christmas Parade is, according to parade coordinator Gena Jensen, "going to be epic."

"I want this to be huge," Jensen said. "I want it to look and feel like a smaller version of the Macy's Day Parade."

And the only way that can happen is with the public's help. Registration is now open for businesses, non-profit's, and even individuals or families to register a float for this year's parade.

The guidelines are simple. According to the parade's website:

  • All parade entries should follow this year's theme- Christmas at the Movies
  • No Santa Claus suits allowed
  • Santa will be the last entry in the parade to greet children
  • Floats will be judged on interpretation of the theme and originality
  • All entries must be in place before 6:15 P.M. or risk elimination
  • Entries are required to have signage that identifies the name of the group
  • Please note your assigned staging time in the packet
  • BE sure to inform all of your participants of the name, number, and location of your entry
  • Throwing of candy or any object from parade entrants will not be allowed
  • Handing out candy or objects using a sturdy container to the crowd is permitted by walkers only

General registration is $50 until October 29. Entry registration received after October 30 is $70, so time is of the essence.

There are prizes for 1st-3rd place floats, as well as a grand prize.

3rd Place receives $50 and a plaque.

2nd Place receives $75 and a plaque.

1st Place receives $100 and a plaque.

But the grand prize is where the real action is at. Money is great but the real hook is this: the float awarded the grand prize will receive $200, free registration for the 2022 Christmas Parade, a plaque, and YOU GET TO BE SANTA IN NEXT YEAR'S PARADE!!!

If there's a better prize, we can't think of one.

If individuals want to be a part of the parade but don't have the time or resources to build  float, they can volunteer to help with the production, or they can even sponsor the event.

"There are so many ways to get involved," Jensen stated. "Even if it's just by coming to the parade and supporting the local downtown businesses. The DCBA has been putting on this event for years, but it's also their busiest time of the year in terms of their own businesses. So the Chamber was happy to take over and continue the beautiful tradition that the Downtown Casper Business Association has instilled in this community during Christmas time."

There's just something about Downtown Casper when it's blanketed with snow. When the lights are draped and the David Street Station Christmas Tree is lit, that's when it feels like Christmas. And when families gather together to gaze upon the throng of floats, this year taken straight from the movies, that's when it feels like a memory.

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