Thanks to cartoons, I was led to believe that bears loved honey when I was growing up. That reputation for having a sweet tooth has proven true as there's a new video showing a bear invading a guy's truck to grab himself a ton of cookies.

This happened near Jefferson, Colorado which definitely has a healthy bear population.

Here's how the guy who captured the video described what he saw:

The local bear got in my in-laws truck by opening the door to their Chevy pickup and stole the oatmeal cookies. In the end, my father in law yelled at the bear and it dropped the cookies and then, out of the frame, the bear stopped and sat down and wishing he didn't drop the cookies.

I love the fact that he's "the local bear". I have to question the owner of the truck for leaving cookies in it knowing full well that he lives in the heart of Bear U.S.A. Bears have no issues with door handles and have a well-deserved reputation for breaking into anything that contains food. Anything.

Section Hiker shared a fascinating article about bears and their sense of smell. The estimate that bears can smell up to 20 miles away. They state that the bears part of the brain that handles smell is up to 5 times larger than other mammals. If you do the math and factor in this big boy is "the local bear", the owner of the truck might as well have delivered the cookies to the bear's den.

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