I just found a story by Wyoming Public Media that was entirely one sided on the issue of teaching human-caused climate change to Wyoming public school students. The story was so biased, I decided to rethink the article in a more balanced way. That rewrite is below.

Recently a climate change activist group, believers in human-caused climate change, graded public schools across America on how well they taught their point of view in schools. They ranked Wyoming at the top of the class with a solid A.

Some might find that a bit strange, since so much of what Wyoming does involves coal, gas, oil, and cattle. But the activists say that Wyoming's state science standards did a superior job in addressing what they see as the cause of catastrophic climate events.

“The standards themselves have a focus on thinking critically about human impacts and changes in climate that we’re seeing,” said Ana Houseal, an outreach science educator at the University of Wyoming. (Wyoming Public Media).

This "report card" goes on to say that public schools in some of the most populous states actually use standards that "muddle climate science or flatout ignore the causes and consequences of global warming." (Wyoming Public Media).

“We could be doing better to prepare today’s students to flourish in the warming world that they will inhabit, and we need to be,” said Glenn Branch with the National Center for Science Education. (Wyoming Public Media).

The two activist groups responsible for the report are NCSE and the Texas Freedom Network, both non-profits.

No consideration was given by these groups to other points of view regarding the causes of climate change.

This leaves us with the question - is any other point of view being taught in Wyoming Public Schools?

To be fair, we could give a school an "A" grade for teaching the point of view that climate change has been happening for billions of years and is natural.

We could also give a school an "A" grade for teaching both points of view and letting the students decide for themselves.

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