Do you see the hole in the picture above? Watch it rotate in the video below.

July 5th, 2020. I was on Oakcrest Ave, in Casper Wyoming. It's not unusual to see dark clouds coming over the mountains anywhere in this state. But what was attention grabbing was the slow rotation - and that hole.

Using my cell phone, I shot this time lapse. That actual rotation was slow enough that I only noticed it because I took a moment to stop and watch the hole.

In the video below you will see that, thankfully, nothing came of it. The clouds spun around that center for a few minuets then the swirling broke up when a strong wind came down from the mountains and gave it all good push.

The last time I saw something like this was was in Cheyenne Wyoming. Tornado sirens were sounding in the neighborhood. The house that I lived in at the time had a storm shelter. But I did not go down into it. Rather, I joined my neighbors as we all stood in the street, like a bunch of idiots, looking up at the clouds rotating above us. Then, like this time, we were lucky and nothing came down.

One of the great advantages of living today is that most of us walk around with cell phones so we can capture moments like this and post them, instantly, and maybe even go live.

If you should ever shoot a video that you know might go viral, send it to us, we would love to help.



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