We all know it's fall and with the season comes colder temperatures, but it hasn't been until this week that Wyoming will see them, according to this week's forecast. And based on a recent scientific study, it's definitely tougher to wake up when it's colder.

Sure, the forecast for Tuesday has us looking at a high temperature around 71 in Cheyenne, which I'm sure anyone will take in mid-October. However, the temps are noticeably lower in this week's forecast and we can only assume that will be a continuing trend as we get deeper into fall. It just so happens that with the colder temps, that means it's tougher to get up in the morning, and a recent scientific study has proved it.

At Northwestern University, neurobiologists recently studied the effect of colder temperatures on sensory and sleep cycle neurons and discovered that there are parts of the human brain that naturally react to daylight in the morning, but when colder temperatures are a factor, those parts of the human brain will shut back down, and therefore, during the colder months, there's much more of an effort that is needed to drag us out of bed in the morning.

So yes, if you think during the winter months that when you wake up, you're so comfortable in the warmth of your covers and don't want to make your way out of bed and face the not so warm temperatures, there's science that proves there's a reason for this. It's not just the fact that maybe you don't want to wake up and face the debacle of the year that is 2020. So get some sleep, colder days are ahead. Just remember, whatever happens, wake up!


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