It has been 27 years since a Jane Doe was found near a campground south of Denver. The year was 1993. But now, through DNA testing, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office could finally announce a break in the case.

The break in the case last month came when a Douglas County detective received undisclosed information which led to Redeker’s identification, FOX 21 in Colorado Springs reported.

It was at the Rainbow Falls area near Pike San Isabel National Forest that Rebecca Ann “Becky” Redeker’s body was discovered. She was living in a makeshift campsite and had been listed as a missing person in the area. The sheriff’s office said she was likely homeless at the time, according to KMGH TV.

Now police are asking for any help to identify the suspects.

So they know who she is, but not who did it or why.

The cause of death is still undetermined. But they still believe it was murder.

Redeker’s body was exhumed after the case was reopened and the department partnered with United Data Connect, a Denver-area DNA and forensic company, to identify her.

The investigation continues into the circumstances around her death. It was not immediately clear due to the condition of her body when it was discovered.

"I had no idea that this case would haunt me for 27 years," Douglas County Undersheriff Nicholson-Kluth told reporters. He was a deputy on duty when her body was found. "There’s now a family that we know this girl belonged to. She is someone. She is no longer our Jane Doe. Thank God for that.”

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