Hiking in Colorado is just a way of life and, without a doubt, is one of the best places anywhere to strap on the gear and go. Whether it's a little stroll through a park or scaling one of the world-famous 14'ers, there's something for everyone and every skill level.

The higher you go, the steeper you go, the more planning it takes, and the more careful and aware of your skill level you need to be and sometimes, even with all of that being done properly, the most skilled and seasoned hikers and climbers can meet their fate on a mountain,n and that's exactly what happened to a 39-year-old Denver woman after she fell over 900 feet off of one of Colorado's most dangerous hikes, Capital Peak.

According to a press release, the fall occurred from the route that connects the knife's edge to the Capital Peak summit down to Pierre Lakes Basin.

This isn't the first time that tragedy has struck on this mountain; in fact, five deaths occurred over about a terrifying six- to seven-week span back in 2017.

Capital Peak is about a 15-mile roundtrip hike that requires a very high hiking IQ and skill level and is rated as one of the most dangerous, if not the most dangerous, 14'er in the state.

I could tell you more about this hike, but I think this picture pretty much sums up just how crazy this hike gets heading to the summit.


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