We had the strongest economy in over 50 years. People were making more money than ever before, especially the middle class. We had never seen so many people off of welfare and into the workforce, especially in the minority communities.

Then, COVID-19 came, and we all hit the breaks.

But according to an article by David Lynch of the Washington Post, there are some companies out there that have actually been helped by all of this.

There has been an “unprecedented” sales surge. Fencing, bird feed, plumbing supplies, pet food, outdoor apparel, live chickens, lawn tractors — just about anything in stock has been flying out of its 1,881 stores nationwide.

A few of the items on the list make a lot on sense. Microsoft says cloud and online work from home platforms are booming.

While stuck at home, many people are finally bored enough to clean the house; Arm & Hammer laundry detergent can't seem to keep up with demand.

Not surprising, and I hate to go there but - Trojan-brand condoms sales have slumped (no pun intended). Fewer people are going out to "hook up."

Albertsons supermarket is the second largest chain in the nation. They report that sales are up 26 percent.

It would make sense that Comcast has reported "a record second-quarter net gain in cable customers and its highest increase in high-speed internet hookups in 13 years."

I'll add to this list companies like GrubHub and other delivery services that bring it from the restaurant and store to your home.

Even in the toughest times, there is a way to make a buck, or even get rich, if you can just find what people need or want.

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