At some point, this guy must be thinking, 'how low has my life sunk?'

A man has been charged with driving while under the influence. But only after the cops had to go looking for him.

But why run all over the place looking for a runaway drunk guy when you can just sit in your vehicle and have fun looking for him with a kickass drone? Sounds like a great job to me.

The crash occurred Sunday evening on US 89 near the Wolf Den Motel between Thayne and Etna. According to the responding officer, John Timothy Robinson, 41, was traveling south, misjudged the turn, and pulled into the path of a northbound vehicle driven by Victoria Trefren, 19, of Thayne. (Buffalo Bulletin). 

Silly man gets into car crash and makes ridiculous face

The Wyoming Highway Patrol says the man was seen driving erratically before he wrecked He even dangerously pulled out in front of somebody.

After the wreck, he took off, supposedly looking for a place to hide.

But where does a person hide in an area not know for trees?

He did find an area with tall grass. That's about the best he could do.

Still, there was a lot of territory to cover, so out came the drone.

I'm sure our drunk friend would accuse the cops of cheating.

police dog

Where are the barking dogs hot on a scent? I'm sure the dogs were really disappointed. They must hate that drone.

Where is the running and the huffing and puffing? Who's looking for footprints and ground evidence?

The cops knew the basic direction the drunk driver staggered off to. All they had to do was launch the drone in that general direction and - BOOM! Nailed him.

Yeah, kinda sounds like the cops are cheating, doesn't it?

Chugwater's Hysterical Pie Eating Contest.

One of Wyoming's smallest towns added a new event. A PIE EATING CONTEST.

The rules are simple:

Not hands allowed.

Eat as much as you can before time is up.

The results are hysterical.

Wyoming's High Jumping Rodeo Horses

Horses have different ideas on how to get a cowboy off their back.

The most common way they try is actually the least effective way.

But it is so much fun to watch.

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