If you don't want to blame Coronavirus, you can always just blame the year 2020. Here is the latest:

You soon may be unable to get a soda or a beer in the quantity that you are accustomed because the coronavirus is causing a bit of an aluminum can shortage.

Since bars and restaurants have been closed, and those that are opened can only allow a limited number of consumers inside, more people than ever are at home drinking their favorite beverage from a can.

At the beginning of all of this, Americans stocked up on toilet paper and -- BEER.

Americans also stocked up on canned food. I bet that was an afterthought.

Folks also enjoy many other beverages that come in cans and, apparently, Americans stocked up on those too.

All of this has caused an increase in the price of aluminium.

Because of the virus there are fewer recycling centers at work, less mining, and fewer factories making cans.

CNN interviewed Chad Heath, vice president of sales and marketing for Karl Strauss Brewing. Mr. Heath said that the turnaround time for shrink-sleeve cans is now four to five weeks. It used to be four to five days. Printed cans have also doubled in price.

In response to the rise in prices and the shortage of cans, some companies have slowed production.

So you can still buy what you want, there will just be less of it on the shelves and at a slightly higher price - for now. Let's hope it does not get worse.

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