What better way to acknowledge the strange times we're in - and promote awareness of health guidelines - than to make/purchase coronavirus-themed merchandise? The online shop Dog of Ulthar is way ahead of the game. And, might I say, has the absolute best design so far.

Based on the "plague doctor" masks of the bubonic plague era (yeah, those freaky bird-beak looking ones), the merch is both incredibly foreboding - and really entertaining. The doctor-character carries a ruler to enforce the distancing rules put in place amid the spread of coronavirus, and the bottom of the design is decorated with herbs once believed to treat the Black Plague.


The threat of "Six feet back or six feet down" is an intense reminder of the consistently repeated CDC guideline for all persons to stay six feet apart to limit spread of COVID-19 - or maybe find yourself six feet underground instead.

The Dog of Ulthar shop includes a massive variety of items - shirts and sweatshirts in black or white, mugs, buttons, notebooks, canvas tote bags, phone cases, and more. Pretty sure I'm getting myself the mug. I've got to document my life in these plague times somehow, right?

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