The good news: Colorado State University researchers have made a new discovery about snake movement. The bad news: Colorado State University researchers have made a new discovery about snake movement. 

According to scientists at CSU, it turns out snakes are better at climbing than everyone thought, unless you're like me and you didn't think snakes could even climb at all and you were happy believing that.


This discovery of a fifth mode of locomotion was the unexpected result of a project led by CSU Emeritus Professor Julie Savidge aimed at protecting the nests of Micronesia starlings, one of only two native forest species still remaining on Guam. -CSU

CSU researchers are studying these tree snakes (they don't live here, don't worry) in order to help protect endangered birds, because since the snakes were 'accidentally introduced' to the ecosystem decades ago, the bird populations have declined. They also found that these snakes can make themselves into lassos to climb up trees and powerlines, ew.

To make it even creepier, here it is in night vision. More on the study here, via 9NEWS.

'I’ve been working on snake locomotion for 40 years and here, we’ve found a completely new way of moving,' researcher Bruce Jayne told CSU. 'Odds are, there is more out there to discover.'

No thanks, Bruce.

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