That smoke might be with us for a while, causing visibility and breathing problems for those who are a bit more sensitive to the effects. According to the Jackson Hole News & Guide "The Tetons will be around the valley for days to come, according to federal meteorologists."

Nothing to be all that surprised about. If you are from Wyoming, you know it's that time of year. Firefighters are out in full force across the region trying to keep it from getting too out of hand.

To help you keep track of what is on fire, where, and how bad it is, here is a handy map that tracks all of that information, as the information comes in. Just click on any place you see a flame and everything that is known will pop up for you.

I had heard of a fire in the Bighorn Mountains. It turns out, and the map shows, there are now several fires up there.

While you are searching you might be interested in this video by a motorist of how bad some of those flames can get.

I've had a chance to see helicopters drop water, and refill. Here is a video of one hard at work.

Someone needs to have a little chat with this hunter who accidentally started a fire with his arrow.

All of this has caused some heavier fire restrictions in the state.

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