Wyoming Off-Road Racers Association members work to promote off-road racing in Wyoming.

There are classes for the professional on down to the newbies.

If you think you can hang on to that motorbike over some of the toughest terrain that Wyoming has to offer, come and join in.

This adventure is brought to you by the Wyoming Offroad Racing Association. That would make it WORRA, which is the sound the motorbikes make.

Wyoming PBS has recently posted a video showing what the event is all about.

In this episode of Our Wyoming, we join the Riverton Dirt Hogs and other dedicated off-roaders at the Justin Hill Shootout, hosted by professional racer Justin Hill! (Wyoming PBS).


WORRA races primarily what they call "Hare Scramble" events.

They also try to mix it up with "Hare & Hounds and Sprint Enduros."

Don't be afraid to try if you are new to this.

If you've never raced this kind of race, you may just have to "wing" it and jump into a class and see where you stack up. (JHS).

If they find you are not competitive, they can adjust your class placement next time you race.

They score their races in several different ways.

Hare scrambles are typically a 2-hour race plus 1 lap.

Exceptions may be made to alter the time or drop the plus-one lap.

attachment-Justin Hill Shootout

However, races will always finish on the overall leader.

One thing you may see for instance is the leader comes through finish at 1:59.00 of the 2hr race.

The leader will not see the white flag until the next time around.

It is rare but has happened.

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