"Why back in my day we didn't know what time it was." Old Mr. Norbert grumbled and shifted in his chair. "We just got up when the Sun told us to and went to bed when the chores were done."

Mr. Norbert remembers when adjusting the cock twice a year became law.

In America, daylight saving time was first enacted during World War I as a way to conserve fuel, and it became federal law in 1966 under the Uniform Time Act. This nationalized what was, at the time, random states engaging in saving time or not.

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"I didn't own a lock back then. Them idiots what did had to go running around remembering where all their clocks were and change them manually."

What most Americans may not know is that most of the rest of the world actually does not participate in daylight saving time.

There are two states out of the 50 United States that do not observe daylight saving time. Hawaii and Arizona. US territories don't change their clocks either. Both of these states are not affected by the seasons and so don't really care for more sunlight in the winter.

Arizona does not follow daylight saving time, but the Navajo Nation which takes up almost 1/3 of the state does. 

WORSE YET not all nations change their clocks on the same day or the same month. That creates confusion around the world as to what time it is where and when.

In more modern times it's been found that changing the clock does not actually save any energy, be it electricity or gasoline. Since most people do not have a farm to take care of and work at all different times of the day and night regardless of what the sun is doing.

Jeff J Mitchell, Getty Images
Jeff J Mitchell, Getty Images

I asked Mr. Norbert if he ever had an appointment he needed to show up to and was too early or too late.

"I gets there when I gets there," he said. "Besides, the doctor makes me wait all the time. Nice to make him wait once in a while."

Wyoming is one of several states that is ready to jump on getting rid of daylight saving time.

Rep. Dan Laursen, R-Powell, successfully sponsored legislation to permanently move the state to daylight saving time and eliminate the twice-yearly disruption to our sleep schedules.

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But Wyoming only ends daylight saving time if surrounding states agree to do it at the same time. All states around Wyoming have the law in place to take the plunge, but no one wants to pull the trigger.

"BESIDES!" Mr. Norbert screamed suddenly, I nap at odd times and get up to pee a dozen times a night. Why do I care what time it is?


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