Only in Colorado, and perhaps also in Wyoming, can a deer walk into a store, get a cookie from the shop owner, then turn and walk out as if it was all perfectly normal.

The cookie must have been good because about an hour later the deer returned with its entire family.

Here is an actual photo of the event.

The moral of the story is: cute gets you cookies. Cute kids get cookies all the time. Cute puppies get doggie cookies. Anything that is cute gets a free sweet. So if you are wondering at what age you might have lost your cute, ask what age people stopped handing you free cookies just because you walked into the room.

By the way, if you never got a free cookie, I'm not saying you were an ugly kid. It would be wrong of me to say that. It would be true, but wrong to say it.

As sweet as this story is I'll have to say, for the record, that it is not a good idea to let wild animals just walk into your place of business or into your house like this. Worse yet if you feed them. If you wonder why I'll be happy to send you some stories we have posted of Wyoming tourists who have had their lunch kicked out of them for doing just that. Better yet, just have a look at the gallery below.

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