DISCLAIMER: What you are about to read does not represent all of the Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Just the few who need to be removed from office due to their mental disorder.

Progressive Democrats, the extreme of the extreme, in the House of Representatives are planning to publicly urge President Biden to ban oil drilling on federal lands.

There is never a good time to do this. But now has to be the worst of all times.

SO... WHY?


Well apparently we have to stop the world from ending, or something.

According to a report from Politico, the Congressional Progressive Caucus is planning to demand that Biden use his executive power to declare climate change an emergency and ban drilling on federal lands.

"Progressive Caucus member @JaredHuffman told Andrew Mark Miller of Fox News that they are calling on Biden to declare a climate emergency is one of the ‘centerpiece’ actions to headline their EO plan," Politico reporter Joshua Siegel tweeted Tuesday. "

A draft of the plan I saw also calls for Biden to ban oil/gas drilling on public lands and end fossil fuel subsidies."

This is ridiculous on man levels. But for just a moment let's look at the word "subsidies."

Human hands exchanging money
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Oil companies DO NOT get "subsidies."

A subsidy is when government takes money from the public, through taxation, and gives it to a business to give it a finical boost.

Oil companies get TAX BREAKS. That is a different thing.

First, the company must sell its product to earn money. They are given some tax breaks if they use that profit to buy new equipment, repair old equipment, or hire new people.

But let's get back to their demand that we just STOP DRILLING!

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These people have a lot to learn about climate, but also a lot to learn about how many things crude oil is used for.

They are asking for the deaths of a lot of people if we stop drilling for oil.

Apparently, they don't understand how hard their plan would be on EVERYBODY, worldwide. They are demanding a lot of suffering here.

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