I'm not laughing. I'm really not. OK, so maybe I am a little. There's a new listing on Craigslist shared by a woman who is desperate to give away "2 angry chickens".

Where to start? Let's begin with this poor woman's plea for someone to take these chickens off her hands. This is a screenshot of her listing on the free area of Wyoming Craigslist.

Wyoming Craigslist
Wyoming Craigslist

In case you can't see the small print, here's exactly what she said on the listing:

2 Angry Chickens. Come get them.
I thought this life was for me, but it’s not. Free. FCFS. They keep attacking my grandkids. They don’t like my husband either.

Listen. I get it. As a person who spent a large part of my childhood on my grandma's farm, I can confirm that there are few things in life worse than a chicken that has gone to the dark side. It's also not funny that the chickens are attacking her grandkids. That's one reason I have accepted her challenge to try and find a home for these birds.

If you are tough and think you can administer an attitude adjustment to a couple of attitudinal chickens, COME GET THEM NOW. She's somewhere near Gillette.

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