The Biden Administration has spent many billions of dollars in Wyoming and the Mountain West.

Yet support for President Biden in Wyoming has not improved in the slightest.

Wyoming Public Media recently posted an article where they examine this and they seem quite confused as to why all of this money being thrown into the Cowboy State never seems to sway Wyoming voters.

Let's look at what Wyoming Public Meda wrote then pick apart why there is no change in the political landscape.

Federal officials have already directed more than $50 billion to the Mountain West for infrastructure, climate and technology projects. Residents either aren’t noticing or don’t care. Many Republicans support rebuilding roads and bridges, but they haven’t been swayed from their support for former president Donald Trump.


Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack discussed investments in broadband internet. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan visited Wyoming to learn about carbon capture. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm highlighted the nation’s improving electric grid and clean energy capacity.

One study found that Wyoming could get up to $7 billion in federal money from the climate provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act. That’s the equivalent of $12,000 for every state resident. (WPM).

Wyomignites might take advantage of the money that is handed to them for roads and bridges. But they don't like where that money is coming from. 

The money the Biden Administration is sending the state is borrowed from future generations. The nation is already over $33 Trillion in debt and trillions more have been added to that since Biden has taken office.

That's not sustainable.

President Biden admitted, in his own words, that the Inflation Reduction Act had nothing to do with reducing inflation. It was actually a climate change bill. So the title was a LIE by his own admission!

Despite what our Governor might say, the bulk of Wyoming does not want to get involved in Carbon Sequestration. It's a waste of time, money, and resources. It will do nothing to stop the climate from doing what it has always naturally done- CHANGE!

These wind and solar projects have been proven to be the opposite of everything that was promised. They are not clean, or green, or sustainable. They are far from reliable and certainly not affordable. When wind and solar projects come to Wyoming our electricity production becomes less reliable and more expensive.

Broadband internet is a project that should be left to the private sector. The government should not spend a cent on it.

The Biden Administration has pushed, since day one, to close the very industries that are the backbone of this state: coal, gas, oil, ranching, and more.

Biden is anti-gun. Wyoming is one of the most pro 2nd Amendment states in the nation.

Government "giving" us money is as absurd as a friend using your own credit cat to buy you a gift, that you didn't want, then leaving you with the credit card debt and interest.

It's no great wonder why President Biden is not very popular in this state.

I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

Dumping billions of national debt into Wyoming, on projects that only hurt our state while trying to shut down the very industries that made Wyoming, will not win over the Wyoming voter.

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