If you didn't know The Ice Bar at Jackson Fork Ranch was a thing, don't feel bad, because I didn't either before today (March 9th, 2021). I will admit, now I am intrigued though.

In case your curious as to what an ice bar is, it is exactly that: a bar built out of ice. This particular icy beauty is located in Bondurant, Wyoming, a small town with a population of about 100 people, which technically classifies it as a census-designated place (or CDP), vice a "real" town. The bar itself is made out of ten tons of ice!

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Time is running out to check out this masterpiece, at least for this season, as it is only open until March 28th, 20201.

The official website for The Ice Bar states:

Visit the coolest bar in the United States this winter for an unforgettable experience! The Ice Bar has the chilliest drinks and tastiest small bites for you to sample after enjoying winter activities like ice skating, curling, cross country skiing, and fat tire biking.

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