The debate about Die Hard being a "Christmas Movie" is now over.

It's now an illustrated kid's book. You can even get one with a doll for the kiddies to play with!

So - it's LEGIT as a Christmas story now.


Lets take a look at the arguments about this movie over the years.

Some say Die Hard is just a "B" rated cop movie with an "A" list cast. Okay, I can see where they are coming from. But let's take a look at all the Christmas items packed into the story.

The grumpy old father wants to put his family back together and Christmas and travels coast to coast to do it. AWWW! So heartwarming.

Did you know that you can get a Die Hard Christmas decoration for your tree? There are actually several from this movie. You might want to look around at this link.

So OBVIOUSLY this is a Christmas movie. I mean come on, how much more evidence do you need?


This movie is filled with EVIL grinches that don't care if they ruin everyone's Christmas party.

But don't worry, they will get theirs as the father works selflessly to save everyone.

One of my favorite moments in the movie is where one slimy guy asks the hero's wife,

"What's he doing?"

"His job."

The set is decorated with Christmas trees. Christmas lights flash all over the place. Wait, sorry those are mussel flashes. Well, so what they are pretty.

To help you get into the Christmas spirit with all those pretty mussel flashes here is

The Official Die Hard Body Count Video.

You know it's not officially the New Year until the ball drops and touches the ground. We all cheer and hug and kiss when that happens.

At my house, it's the same reaction when the lead bad guy falls from the top of the building.

Its' officially Christmas when Hans Gruber goes SPLAT!

We all cheer and hug and kiss. MERRY CHRISTMAS we tell each other as we wipe away our tears.

Well if die-hard is now a Christmas book then the debate is over. I'm getting one for some folks I know this year. REALLY! Not kidding.

I want a Hans Gruber doll to drop off my dresser and pretend he's falling off the building.

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