Dan Dockstader, president of the Wyoming Senate, announced in a press release on Wednesday that he was stepping down from the Wyoming Republican primary for Secretary of State and endorsing one of the three remaining candidates, Tara Nethercott.

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Dockstader said in the release:

"In many instances, Senator Tara Nethercott and I agree on topics related to ensuring safe and secure elections in Wyoming by working with 23 county clerks, in addition to maintaining a successful business division within the Secretary of State’s office," said Dockstader. "Her commitment to economic diversity, job creation and job retention will also be reflected in the Secretary’s business division. Her experience as a practicing attorney will be priceless in all of the responsibilities associated with the Secretary of State’s Office. In every instance, I have watched her valued and respected comments well received in the Legislative process. She will bring that same experience to the Secretary of State’s Office. In so many instances she is well prepared to take over the responsibilities of Wyoming Secretary of State. With that in mind, I recommend you vote for Tara Nethercott as Wyoming Secretary of State."

Prior to the release by Dockstader, Nethercott said that she had been speaking with him during the race about the important factors for the next Secretary of State and that he had informed her about his endorsement before he made it public.

Nethercott, who represents a Senate district in Laramie, will now be running against Chuck Gray, a state representative for Natrona County, and R. Mark Armstrong, who lost to Cynthia Lummis in the 2020 Republican primary for the U.S. Senate.

Nethercott said she prioritizes election integrity, that there isn't an issue of election fraud in Wyoming, and that she can't speak to fraud in other states.

"I can only speak to the state of Wyoming and there isn't a concern of fraud," Nethercott said. "I have full confidence in our 23 county clerks across our state who have a wonderful legacy of conducting free and fair elections, and I know that that will continue. And see myself, and the county clerks will continue to work to ensure that best practices are employed for elections across our state, but that there's no fraud in our elections today."

Nethercott said she is also prioritizing two other duties of the Secretary of State, including keeping Wyoming business-friendly while also enforcing consumer protections against financial crimes.

Nethercott said when asked about her chances of winning, that she looks forward to earning people's vote in the upcoming election.

Edward Buchanan, Wyoming's current Secretary of State, announced in May that he will not be running for reelection and will instead seek to fill a judicial vacancy in his hometown of Torrington.

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