About a dozen years ago I was in North Carolina at a fast food restaurant. The young lady behind the counter held up a to-go order and called out "Y'alls-es order is ready." 

Just a few days later I was in Wyoming at a fast food restaurant and the same thing happened. But this time the girl behind the counter called out "Your-guys-es order is ready." 

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In both cases I stood there shaking my head. "YOUR." Just say "YOUR ORDER IS READY."

But that got me to thinking, if you speak you have an accent. So what accent do Wyomingites have?

A little of it is in what we call things. Out west we drink POP, not COKE. Every soda in the South is a Coke. No one drinks SODA in Wyoming, it seems.  Even how we say those names vary from region to region. 

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I have noticed that when people end a phone call they tend to say "mmmBye." I heard this a lot.

In the South, accents all have that "twang" but what that twang sounds like depends on the region. It's not so much like that here in the west where people have a "Mountain Western Accent."

Do you sleep on a cot or a "cought"? Older people in Wyoming will still use the "ou" sound.

Here in Wyoming, we say "coyote." Back East they say "coyotE." They make that hard "E" sound at the end.

How do you pronounce the name of our neighbors to the south? People in this area say "ColorAUdo." Other parts of the nation say "Colorodo."

American accents are split into the following regions:
Maine Accent.
New England English.
Pacific Northwest English.
California English.
Midwestern American English.
Mountain Western English.
Southern American English.
Hawaii English And Pidgin.
New Orleans And Cajun English.

Mountain West accents cover several states. Basically, the Rocky Mountain region which rides right up through Colorado, Utah, Wyoming & Montana.

According to the language expert in the video below, people in the mountain west tend to extend the "G" in any word that ends with "ing."

Folks in Wyoming and Utah tend to deemphasize the front letter of a word. You'll not hear the letter "M" so much when someone says milk, as one example. But these are variations that are almost unnoticeable.

Also, you might hear people say "Mou-en" rather than "Mountain." But again it is a slight change that is almost not noticeable.

As a radio personality, I was trained in how to speak in a way that is most understood by every accent anywhere in the nation. The accent they taught me to use is Mountain Western English.


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