Wednesday's weather for much of Wyoming was on the BLA side.

But we needed the wet, so no complaining, please.

As we move through Thursday and into the weekend expect nice days, but on the cool and even cold side in some areas.

Some will get a bit more snow and rain early Thursday, but then that move out and leave us with just cool temperatures.

Let's just call it "chili" by Wyoming standards.

Into the weekend we begin to get a warmup.

Below is the forecast from regional weatherman Don Day.

Maybe a little bit of light snow for southern Wyoming and northern Colorado on Saturday morning.

Saturday starts cold but then that warmup for west of the Continental Divide comes.

East of the Divide will have to wait until Sunday for their warmup.

Another little cool-off on Monday, just when we were enjoying those temperatures.

Don't worry, the warmer weather comes back through most of next week.

While the west will be warmer the eastern side of the U.S. will be a lot colder.

If you're thinking, 'GOLLY we are finally done with the cold,' dream on.

dog in the rain

More cold and wet is cued up behind it.

Blame Canada.

That's just also springtime in the Western states.

The good news is that all of this wet we have been getting this spring is doing just what we want it to.

There was some worry about the eastern parts of Wyoming, and into South Dakota and Nebraska going through another drought.

You can put those fears away, as we move through this wet spring.

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