This might be my last post.

Miss Mary is going to KILL ME when she sees this.

I just want everybody to STOP sending me notes asking if she has a desk.

The young lady we call Miss Mary is the producer of the Wake Up Wyoming radio show, heard on radio stations across the state.

I'm the host, Glenn Woods, I work out of a studio on the other side of the building.

She and I chat over a messenger app while I am on the air.

Miss Mary is always complaining about being cold in her office and I often walk in to see her bundled up with sweaters, a blanket or two, and a heater at her feet.

Yesterday she decided it was warmer down on the floor, down by the heater, than up in the chair at her desk.

You're going to laugh at me when you come back here, she wrote to me.

During the next commercial break, I went back to her office and saw this:

attachment-Miss Mary On Floor

I laughed and took that picture then posted it on social media.

That's when the message of concern began to pour in.

attachment-miss mary on floor 2

Do you think we are CRUEL?

She has several chairs in that office.

attachment-miss mary on floor 3
attachment-miss mary on floor 4


And a heater.

She actually has a nice big desk and a comfy chair.

But she would not turn down a go-fund-me for more furniture.

attachment-miss mary on floor 5

She even has one of the biggest offices in the building all to herself.

Though we do understand why you were concerned for her well-being.

People like Miss Mary.

attachment-miss mary on floor 6
attachment-miss mary on floor 7
attachment-miss mary on floor 8
attachment-miss mary on floor 9

So, you see, we are not slave drivers.

She just likes to make a nest down on the floor now and then.

Whatever keeps her happy.

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