K2Radio News reached out to Jim Shade, the pastor at Fort Ministry. He shared photos of the accident and told his story.

Shade said he literally walked by the spot where the crash happened fifteen second before, even said he waved to the driver as they were pulling up.

He said he'd just walked inside the church when he heard a "ka-BAM!" He was on the phone talking to one of the guys from the church and he said, "Holy Crap, somebody just hit our building! I'm gonna have to go!"

Jim Shade, Fort Ministries
Jim Shade, Fort Ministry in Mills Mt. View Plaza

He ran out to check on the driver, and someone from the Family Dollar had already called 9-1-1.

One of the blessings of living in a small town is that it didn't take long for multiple agencies to arrive on-scene, said Shade.

The church is located right across the street from the Mills Fire Station, and they have an ambulance, and the police station is right next to that.

"The response time was in minutes, it was awesome" said Shade.

As far as church services, "Altitude Landscaping came out within and hour" said Shade to board up the hole, and they're currently duct-taping plastic up to keep the cold out.

It's been a rough week for the Mills Plaza.

Yesterday someone drove into the front entrance of Fort Ministry, a church located in the Mills Plaza next to Family Dollar.

Officer Buckhholz with the Mills Police Department said nobody was hurt. It was a mere "whoopsie" while trying to park. They went to hit the brakes, but instead hit the gas.

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The day before (Tuesday) the Mills Police Department said a dump truck had a misshap where the back end lifted up and ripped one of the power lines. Nobody was hurt, but the power line came crashing down and knocked the dump truck on its side.

Driver Crashes into Fort Ministry in Mills

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