One of downtown Casper's favorite restaurants, especially for breakfast, got busy and dug out, then reopened, early Wednesday morning.

Eggington's posted on their FaceBook page that, after a lot of work, they managed to move the snow and reopen.

Now, if people can just get to them to have breakfast.

I'd go, right now, but I can't get out of my house, literally.

Many other Natrona Country residents are in the same fix.

I wonder how parking is, downtown, right about now.

Still, it's a sign that the town is doing what it can to get busy again.

Casper, Mills, and Evansville city governments are attempting to reopen most city services.

Still, at this point, most government employees are staying home.

Kids will have to remote learn. That stinks. Whatever happened to snow days? Damn technology ruined something else.

As of Wednesday morning, most of the state of Wyoming is still closed for travel.

Here is the latest road condition report from WYDOT. 8 am, 04/05/23.

attachment-WYDOT 040523 8am

Everything in red is a closed road.

Only green roads are in good condition.

Click here to see the latest WYDOT road map.

As the snow moves out some warmer air moves in.

That brings wind.

So as soon as we get all of this snow moved, it moves again and closes down those roads again.

We all know the drill.

Here is the latest forecast from Don Day & Day Weather.

Still, thanks to Eggington's and other establishments like them for giving us that glimmer of hope.

Just to say thanks I'll be down your way as soon as those snowplows finally move that 4 food deep pile down the cent of my road.

Hang in there folks. Life will get back to "normal," eventually.

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