The repeal of gun-free zones in Wyoming sits on Governor Gordon's desk.

The legislation would end state, county, and town governments’ authority to regulate concealed firearms and allow permitted concealed carry in public spaces like schools the Capitol, and even the University of Wyoming.

If the Governor signs it, it becomes effective immediately.

This would not allow anyone to walk into a public meeting openly carrying a rifle or a big pistol on their hip. It is for permitted concealed carry.

Up until now, a bad guy with a gun could walk into these places carrying a gun and nobody would know.

Law-abiding citizens would obey the law and not carry into these places.

With this change, law-abiding citizens would also be allowed to carry guns in public places.

This law does not apply to private property where the property owner can make their own rules.

Senior woman putting a gun in her small handbag, self defence concept

There are exemptions for athletic events where alcohol is being sold, facilities like the Wyoming Girls’ School and Boys’ School, and areas where “explosive or volatile materials are present.”

Moreover, concealed-carry permit holders are not “random people,” but individuals with the government’s affirmative approval to carry a concealed firearm in public places after having completed a series of steps required by the government. (Heritage Foundation).

The FBI documents 3 that 3.2% of active shooter events were stopped by CCW holders. However, other researchers claim the FBI undercounts the number of incidents (e.g. excluding events that were precipitated by a grudge) and on the high end the number is 16.5%.

Crime rates involving those with carry permits account for about 0.02% of all carry permit holders.

Governor Gordon can sign the bill, veto it, or let it without his signature.

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