Well, it's after the 4th of July.

The day when we let drunk adults set off fireworks.


How did you do?

Everyone alright?

Do you and everyone you know still have all your fingers, toes, and eyeballs?

Not everyone does.

Let's look at some of the most OUTSTANDING 4th of July fails.

You might know this next video from a year ago.

It perfectly illustrates the point that, even when everything seems like nothing can go wrong, everything can go wrong.

Stay as far away from those things as you can.

Fireworks are looking for a way to kill you.

Also, know which way you plan to run when all goes wrong.

Never let your pet near fireworks.

Honestly, I'm surprised I have to say that.

Some animals are afraid of them.

Some think that fireworks are more fun than you do.

Here are some pets having a good old time scaring their humans.

Maybe trying to kill them too.

Before shooting from the ground, look up.

Even a small obstruction can be a big problem.

If you think, don't worry, there is no way that firework is going to hit that, you're probably wrong.

Everything above you could be a problem.

Even a thin powerline.

In this next one, everything looked like it was going fine, until the end of the video when everything goes horribly wrong.

There is running, screaming, and bright and loud explosions overwhelm the camera.

Set up is key when setting off fireworks.

If not done just right things can go horribly wrong.

That's what happens here.

Everyone was enjoying the show - UNTIL...

So, did you enjoy your 4th?

Hope you made it out in one piece.

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