We are sorry, but there seems to be a buffering problem.

This system cannot load Spring.

Due to these problems you will continue to experience,





Poor Driving Conditions

Our apologize.

We know that you were promised "Global Warming" and and an end to snow.

In this forecast, below, you'll hear right up front, "Spring is not going to show itself anytime soon."

But the matrix has failed to load those parameters.

Drought conditions have ended and we have returned to heavy snowpack and full reservoirs. But be prepared for flooding. You'll have to take the good with the bad.

Due to these errors the season you know as Summer in Wyoming will occur on August 21st between 2 and 5pm.

Residents of Western states are advised to keep suntan lotion, along with a winter coat, in their car at all time. We just can't explain to you what's coming 5 minuets from now.

You local weatherman has advised that you not bother with that weather app on your phone, since it can't predict squat at this time.

Also, don't blame your local weatherman. That's basically killing the messenger. None of this is his fault. Don Day is a nice guy and we like him, almost enough, kinda, to not want to see him get beat up over something Mother Nature is doing.

Just be ready for anything.

Get out your lawn mower.

But keep your snow blower handy.

You'll be needing them both.

Anyone wishing to get to summer sooner, rather than waiting, is advised to drive to Arizona, Texas or Florida.

Do not travel to Alabama. Alabama is the only state Arkansas is allowed to make fun of. You'll probably just want to leave both of those state alone.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Even though we know you have lost all patience and don't understand.

Inside Wyoming Missile Silo For Sale

There are decommissioned missile silos for sale in Wyoming.

Thermal nuclear device not included.

Now why would anyone want to own one of those?

Lets start by looking to the outside, then go in.

Well, because owning one is just such a cool idea.

So lets have a look at what the realtor is offering.

Alcova On Ice

One of Wyoming's most beautiful lakes, seen after weeks of winter storms and sub-zero temperatures.

The ice can be heard making strange noises, from snap, crackle, and pop, to glub glub.

The works of people talking in a normal tone of voice carry across the frozen surface.

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