How long would it take a hacker to crack your password? That's a great question isn't it? I found this chart that will give you the idea of how to estimate the time your current passwords would take for the average hacker.

To a hacker, every password is in binary code. That means while you see words and numbers they see ones and zeros. All they need is a program that will randomly guess the right combination of ones and zeros and they are in. Those programs can crack a code in very little time.

The video above will show you how to make a code that will take forever to crack.

In the same way that any house can be broken into, all passwords are crackable. The best we can do is make it such a hassle to get in that the criminal moves on to an easier target.

Throwing random numbers and symbols into longer passwords messes with the hacker who is trying to guess the clever word you wrote, and confuses the computer program that is sorting through every possible combination of ones and zeros.

Try looking again at this chart I found. It will give you a good idea of how to write a password that takes so long to hack, the hacker will move on to someone else.

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