Welcome to Wyoming.

It's a wonderful state.

Have you ever wondered why so few people live here?

It's one of the largest states in the USA by land mass.

However, Wyoming has the lowest population of any state.

That is, in part, because of the number of people who fled Wyoming before it killed them.

Tourists discover this when they come to Wyoming to experience its beauty, only to have that beauty make an attempt on their lives.

Those animals look so cute and hugable until you try to hug them. It's almost as if they look cute just to sucker people in for the attack.

See that beautiful prairie grass? It has deadly snakes and other varments including cute little prairie dogs that carry THE PLAGUE!

Come to Wyoming and climb a mountain, where you can get eaten by mountain lions and bears.

We have avalanches too. OH, JOY!

Would you like a summer rock avalanche to descend on you or a winter snow avalanche to bury you?

Whitewater rafting is fun until it kills you. Park Rangers recently rescued 8 people on the Snake River after their raft flipped, stranding them overnight.

We recently published a story on what lurks down the hole of Wyoming outhouses. Better hold it in until you get out of state.

Wyoming has more guns per capita than any other state. So, be nice.

GO ON go for a nice drive and see the sites. WYOMING GPS wants to get you lost out in some God-forsaken desert. There is nobody out there to hear your scream. Somebody might find your bleached white bones in a hundred years or so.

Care to talk about how many people Wyoming's weather has killed?

You might be wondering, why does anyone live out here?

FRESH AIR- that's why.

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