We are one day away, just one day from the 26th Wyoming Brewers Festival kicking off at the Downtown Depot Plaza in Cheyenne. Beers will be flowing both Friday and Saturday as the best breweries in Wyoming, the region, and beyond are set to show you their best stuff. But, beyond the beer, there's more to the Wyoming Brewers Festival weekend, there are other activities that you need to know about.

How many breweries will be at the Wyoming Brewers Festival?

We're looking at 41 breweries now! That's up 6 from a couple of weeks ago when I gave the list of breweries here. They also have two homebrewer groups that will be set up as well.

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Will there be live music at the Wyoming Brewers Festival?

YES! This year is going to be incredible. The lineup is stacked for both nights. Friday night, we'll get a little mid-00s pop-punk/emo with Amber Pacific and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, while Saturday, we'll bridge the gap between Millennials and Gen X with 80s tribute band 10 Year Echo and 90s tribute band Blink 90210.

Let's take a look at the entertainment so you're familiar before tomorrow.

Amber Pacific

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

10 Year Echo

Blink 90210

What other activities will happen at the Wyoming Brewers Festival this weekend?

Yoga On The Plaza will kick off Saturday morning from 11 am to noon.

Will there be access to rides home after the Wyoming Brewers Festival?

YES! This is really cool, the Wyoming Brewers Festival has the Safe Ride Home program. For 10 bucks you can take the trolley home and it'll drop you off at your front door! They also have a special for Uber where you can use the code rVQJpjjlghe if you're new to Uber. There's also a QR code at the link above that you can scan on your phone.

So, if you're on the fence about attending one or both nights of the Wyoming Brewers Festival, you have plenty of reasons to check it out now.

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