There are a lot of interesting Wyoming social media pages to explore.

What's most enjoyable about them is connecting with like-minded people and sharing common interests across the region.

One page I recently found is the Born Wyoming Facebook page.

I was not born in Wyoming but it's still interesting to track and engage in their conversations.

Born in Huntley, Wyoming never left 75 years ago ps never will, says bruce.

Not everybody on the page is old but everybody is nostalgic.

Quite a few people on this page no longer live in Wyoming but love checking in with their home state and hometown to find out what's new.

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The page is full of photos and videos along with posts from people who are still in  Wyoming as well as those who have come back to visit their home state.

Checking out some of the sites near Casper Wyoming today it’s been a long time since I’ve been back to Wyoming.

I’ve really missed it and the people are so friendly compared to the big cities, says Debbi.

There are daily posts that inspire.

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Today's Wyoming sunrise was captured by Mike Morton. Mike writes, "Enjoyed this sunrise during my morning run at Alkali Lake outside Cody."

A lot of my family's from Powell. I think my uncle worked at the Powell beanery forever, says Gloria.

Love the new sign. My grandmother work there at the bean mill when I was just a kid many years ago, says Kenny.

Born Wyoming is just one of many places where you can reminisce about where you were born, or learn about the state of Wyoming if you were not.

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