It's one thing for me, a Wyoming Radio Talk Host, to defend our state when we were handed a grade of "F" for social distancing.

I am not the only one speaking out, and some of those people defending us are not even from Wyoming.

In the article Jim writes: "All those people bunched up together in big cities, walking past each other everywhere, crowding restaurants and bars, taking public transportation, spreading the virus all over the place. Right there in... um... Wyoming, you say? Living in Wyoming is the definition of social distancing. It's a place where you need to drive 50 miles just to get a Snickers bar. If anybody gets through this mess, it'll be places like Wyoming. Any competent grader would give the state an A+++, not an F."

I am sure some of us in Wyoming might have a bit of a problem getting the idea through our heads that we should not be taking out kids to play dates in the park, and let's not bunch up in groups down the grocery store aisle. But many people live in Wyoming because of social distancing.

The "study" was conducted using cell phone data to see what our movements and placements were. Maybe the people who looked at the data should come out here to see before they grade.


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