There are those who love the awesome spectacle of weather so much they spend most of their free time, and time they should be working, chasing storms across America.

Today I found the YouTube page of Reed Timmer Extreme Meteorologist, as he storm chases across Wyoming. You'll love how excited he gets.

Lets open big, with video of a tornado.

"STRONG TORNADO from extreme close range 10 miles north of Fort Laramie, WY with sub-vortex within larger wedge shaped circulation initially heading NNE toward my position before pivoting back south, destroying an RV. I checked on the damage and it appeared to be unoccupied."

Supercell near Chugwater.

"Numerous supercells drop destructive hail across eastern WY from south of Glendo through Cheyenne. Mothership structures were all over the place. Never stop chasing."

Grapefruit sized hail.

"Intense video of monster hail stones shattering the windshield of our storm chasing vehicle beneath a tornado warned supercell in the Fort Laramie, WY area on June 12, 2017. This storm would go on to produce a tornado near Lingle, WY; with a stronger tornado touching down north of Torrington. Another cluster of prolific tornado producers tracked from extreme northeast CO through southeast WY into the southern NE Panhandle."

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