During tough times we need creative people with a good sense of humor to help us all get through it. That's why we have to appreciate those of have given us some wonderful face mask ideas to ease the tension.

The latest invention, seen in the video below, is a mask that can be pulled down into the "full open position," to reveal something quirky. Guaranteed to make everyone in the room laugh.

Introducing, The Transformation Mask.

Imagine a mask that is a big smile, that opens up to a huge smile with teeth. How about a short beard mask that opens up into a long beard?

Why stop there? A dog nose becomes an open mouth dog face with wagging tongue.

As the demonstrations in the video below show, all you do to open the mask is just pinch the top and pull the bottom down. It's easy to fix back up so you'll be ready to surprise the next group of people.

These are just a few of the silly ideas that the inventors of this mask have come up with, so far.

I think the fun part of this will be that, long after we are done with Covid-19, we will be able to use these masks again and again to amuse ourselves, our friends and family, and strangers.

Years from now our grandkids will find these masks and wonder what the heck their grandparents were doing.

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